Gemstone Cocktail Rings - Blue Topaz and Ametrine
Honey Quartz Cocktail Ring and Sketches
Tanzanite and Blue Topaz Ring in White Gold
Star Sapphire Bezel Engagement Ring
Carved Floral Engagement Ring
Sketches for Carved Engagement Ring
Palm Tree Engagement Ring
Sketches - Inspiration for Palm Tree Ring
Yellow Sapphire X Ring
Geometric Wedding Bands
Thick Wedding Band
Frame for a Found Gold Nugget
Pendant with Repurposed Diamond Earrings
Marquise Diamond Rose Gold Pendant
Birthstone Monogram Pendant
Navy Enamel and Diamonds Heart Pendant
Silver and Sapphire Gear Necklace
Custom East Africa Coin Bracelet
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ali_amaro_tibetan turquoise bolo tie back.jpg
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